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Ever since the start-up of Artzee we have been growing, expanding, taking on a wide range of projects, and working with high-profile organizations. We are passionate about what we do and believe that we can help many brands share and tell their stories using our talents and connect with the audience. At Artzee Animation studio Singapore, our team is to deliver brand messages and make memorable experiences for visitors and clients. We devote our time understanding your objective and aim to elevate content that will make a difference to any company message.

Working with Artzee can bring you many benefits:


Our talent builds on years of experience producing videos, animation, and motion graphics. We go over your insights and feedback on every step we take to ensure you get the video you want.

The best briefs are those that are straightforward about the message they are trying to portray and lays a good foundation to do what follows. You can include brand details, guidelines, and descriptions of your brand personality, but try to keep it simple and not too lengthy. Keeping contact with a good animation studio singapore, like Artzee, your work can become much easier and effective.

Depending on what type of video you want the time can vary accordingly. On average it takes from 6 to 8 weeks. This includes the time taken to process the video, include your feedback and confirmation, then the finalization of the video. The time taken can be shortened if you are okay with shortening the feedback time and go straight into finalizing the product. We will let you know the schedule beforehand, so you know what to expect and when.

Usually at each milestone we go for upto 4 revisions! Making changes after the product is finalized can be hard to change and take extra time to fix. To prevent that, we will be asking for your feedback and confirmation before taking the next step. You will be able to see what the finished product will look like before we finalize it.

Artzee is here to create any type of video you are looking for. We brainstorm ideas to work up to the final delivery. Our process includes a series of stages to help create an accurate understanding of your needs. Here are the stages carried out in order to create the perfect content:

  1. Understand your business objectives
  2. Develop a Concept
  3. Create a script
  4. Draw up Storyboard
  5. Record Voiceover
  6. Styleframes
  7. AnimationΒ 
  8. Post production
  9. FinalΒ  delivery

Give us a call and we can take you through a more detailed explanation to help you make the right decision.

Creating the perfect video takes time and effort that involves a strong group of creatives and artists. A team of highly dedicated and experienced writers, animators, sound designers, professional voiceover, story lead, and even models if you want a live action video.

You can contact our team by calling us at +65 91857674 or emailing us at info@artzee.sg You will be provided with a quote and once we have had a discussion on pricing and delivery terms we can draft an agreement to proceed.

Of course! Each of our clients comes up with ideas and products different from each other, hence their product videos will be different too. However, if we are working with ideas that we have worked with before we find twists and turns to make them both unique and which can complement their own brands. We do not use recycled pieces either, everything is made customized as per the need of the client.

A storyboard consists of static frames representing the whole story, look and feel of the final product. It consists of many frames drawn digitally or manually by a storyboard artist. This way you can save valuable time and money by discussing your concerns and addressing them quickly. So you do not have to make drastic changes when we get into modeling, animating, and rendering. At this stage it is very time consuming to make changes, however, it is possible.

The production house or Animation studio in Singapore, is equipped with the latest software and hardware which is essential for producing high quality animation and videos. The most commonly used software are Maya, 3D Studio Max, and Cinema 4D, etc. As for the hardware, we are equipped with customized computers that can handle high end animation rendering and video production in the quickest time possible.Β 

Got any more queries? Call us on +65 91857674 or email us at info@artzee.sg.

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