Best Software’s For Video Editing

There is no question that video production has become a ubiquitous aspect of communication, communication design, and the ever-increasing need to make content more accessible. Today’s modern audience expects rich, high-quality video on any device – whether laptop computer, mobile phone, or tablet.

Knowing the different software packages out there for video production is an important skill to have as it will help you determine which one best fits your needs. Ideally, you should be using the most advanced video software available, but it’s also good to know what you can do with some of the better, more basic tools. As with all technology-based products, there are pros and cons of each software choice. So let us take a look at some of their attributes and how they might be useful to you as a video producer.

Getting started: Software choices for video editing 

The following software is the most recognized amongst the thousands of others that exist. Every single software has its own specialty but these top three basically give you all that you need in one. 

  1. Premiere pro 

Premiere Pro is the worldwide best-recognized video editing software. Majority of professional editors around the world use this software. Its user-friendly interface and its leading feature set have made it one of a kind amongst all software. If you plan on doing video editing for a long time then this software is for you. 

  1. CyberLink PowerDirector 365

CyberLink PowerDirector 365 is a less expensive version of Premiere Pro. It has cutting-edge features and gives you three modes for editing (Full Feature Editor, Easy Editor, and Slideshow Creator). As a Windows user, it is more beneficial because of its complete feature set, which is not a complete set in Mac. 

  1. Corel VideoStudio Ultimate 

Corel VideoStudio Ultimate is a powerful multi-functional software. It is user-friendly, easy to learn, and can make from simple videos to complex ones. It has a huge array of tools and a great feature set. 

These are the top three best most used software. Every software has its own hidden gems, it may be useless for some or a game-changer. Let me introduce you to some of the most powerful hidden techniques you might have never heard of before.

Hidden gems 

Premiere Pro 

  1. Synchronizing audio 

When filming with multiple audios you sometimes need them to synchronize. I am sure you have a way of doing it anyways by dragging them on top of each other to synchronize. But, there is an easier method. Simply just select your audios, left-click and synchronize. It could not have been easier than that.

  1. Colour management 

Sometimes your Premiere Pro does not show you the correct color of your video. By going to General and clicking on ‘Enable Display Color Management’ you can easily fix that. However, this is not meant for every user. Depending on your monitor and settings you can determine whether or not you need it.

  1. Speed up the process

Many times your project can be so heavy that it gives Premiere Pro some issues to face. A quick way to speed it up is by going to the Edit menu and find Consolidate Duplicates. This will automatically delete files that have been duplicated and lower the load on Premiere. When you are done with the project but want to later consult it, you can end it by selecting ‘Remove Unused’ from the Edit menu to delete all unused files since it will not be used later. 

Software for beginners 

For beginners, you can start with any software you wish, even if it is the most complex one. However, to make it easy on yourself and actually have fun and understand the process of editing it is better to start with a more simple and basic software. This will help you grasp the basic idea of tools and how to compose a video. Here are some of the many software that you can use as a beginner:

  1. Final Cut Pro 

Final Cut Pro is a good beginner video editing software it gives you a good variety of all basic tools, tips and tricks you need for further work. However, it can also be used professionally by using it the right way. 

  1. Nero video

Nero offers a powerful and diverse effects that can be used in commercial quality projects. 

  1. iMovie/ Windows Movie Maker

This is a well known Apple software, you can only get on macOS, iOS and iPadOS. If you use these devices its easy for you to get youe hand on it and experiment with it. For those who use Windows, Movue Maker is the software you can easily find. 

  1. Filmora 

Filmora has been widley used by newbies these days. People are interested in YouTube videos, vlogging, timelapses, etc. for those who know nothing  about video editing Filmora can easily guide you to learning the basics for you to get your job done. 

Although these softwares are listed for beginners, they can most certainly be used professionally. Once you figure out the controls, hidden gems, and the basics then you can experiment wiht your options to get a different outcome. Do not be afraid to try new techniques, you can always start again. 

Final thoughts 

Knowing how to use a video editor is very important, you can not make video without knowing how to use one. Practicing the most basic type of videos can help you learn the basic key functions that you need to know. This way you can gradually work up to more advance editing and learn new techniques. 

All the softwares the exist are not specifically meant for just  beginners or professionals. As a beginner it is easier to choose a light weight editor to practice then move to a better one. However, as a professional you can use any software and get the outcome you want because off al them have the dame bsic key functions, some aare just more powerful than others. 

The thing that is crucial is your ideas and creativity you could know how to work a editor but without the right ideas what are you really working up to?

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