Millions of cameras are sold each year and the number of users has increased ever since. Most of them are passionate but amateurs. In the growing era of technology everything is available at the click of a button. The internet is an ocean of knowledge; you can find anything and everything. So you need not have to attend workshops and go to classes alone to learn about photography there are plenty of websites, YouTube channels and forums which teaches photography from the basic to expertise level.

Digital Photography School

This site started by Darren Rowse, who considers himself as a learner and that he started sharing what he learnt. Now this site has grown further that readers and writers from all over the world contribute. It is for those who use digital cameras and still tend to explore the gigantic world of photography. Unlike most of the website, this is free for the readers. Though there are affiliate programs and ads to fund the page and to pay the writers. This site teaches the amateurs tips and tricks of using a DSLR and also remind the experts of what they learnt. They also have a Facebook page with the same name which is being updated regularly.

Learn Basic Photography

This is a simple website to learn the basics of photography. It also helps those who don’t own a camera. It throws light up on the types of cameras, equipments used and lenses. It also has content on how to shoot like a professional with your camera. They come with a step by step method to make the readers easy to understand.

Photography Course

This website along with tips, tricks it also provides courses. These courses are of three levels beginner, intermediate and advanced. The beginner course is free and they provide the syllabus that will be taught. It also has access to books related to photography and also video contents.

Improve Photography

This site offers some really quirky tutorials and courses at reasonable costs. It also has articles and other tips for photography. Podcasts are the featured advantage of this site. You can sort out the best of articles and also make a quick check of the gears that would suit your necessities.

Camera Labs

Professional Photography Tips

This youtube channel managed by Joshua Cripps teaches a wide range of professional photography tricks both the shooting and post production methods in lightroom and photoshop.

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