Animation is the process of making the illusion of motion and illusion of change by means of sequence of images which differ from each other. All over the world there are lot of institutes teaches animation for students who wants to be an animator and also there are many online schools which encourages students who can learn animation from their home itself.

Top Online Animation Schools

  • Animation Mentor
  • I animate
  • Bloop animation
  • Vancouver animation school
  • Animschool

Animation Mentor is an online animation school or learning institution which was founded in 2005 by Bobby Beck, Shawn Kelly and Carlos Baena. It offers live Q&A sessions with mentors from the animation industry and also the mentors provide audio-visual critiques of weekly assignments. It offers a certificate of completion and let the candidate to create their own demo reel.


I animate is an online animation school. It offers a complete set of workshops designed to target all animation needs and let the students in direct contact with veteran animators form the best studios in animation industry. They provide live sessions for training as well as recorded sessions for the students which help them to view later. They also have their exclusive rigs for the students for training. Top studios have their tie up with I Animate for the selection purpose to the industry production.


Bloop animation is an online animation video school, which was developed by Morr- a NYC based animator and entrepreneur who started youtube tutorials which later evolved in to bloop animation. Bloop animation offers 6 courses for the students in the field of animation in both 2D and 3D. The main essence of this course is to share everything about making animation to all the students. This is a place for both beginners and veterans. It also offers complete step by step animation series, e-book, courses, Short film courses etc.


Vancouver Animation School was founded in 2010 which located in Vancouver, Canada. It was the first online school to be fully accredited by the Private Career Training Institutions Agency. It also received its designation from the British Columbia Education Quality Assurance (BCEQA). It offers entry and advanced programs for the Animation, Visual Effects and Video Game industries. Also it offers Certificates, Diplomas and University pathways in a variety of art and technology, media and design fields.


AnimSchool is the premiere online school for learning 3D animation, Modeling and Rigging. It teaches a broad curriculum so students are well prepared for the 3D workforce. It was founded in 2010 by David Gallagher who is an animator, rigger and former character development supervisor at Blue Sky Studios. AnimSchool students learn to specialize in a particular field, while also learning supporting skills so students are well prepared for the 3D workforce. AnimSchool teaches students in two 21 month program tracks with 12 month certificates, from the first stages of learning to job ready. AnimSchool also teaches master class level courses for working animators, modelers, riggers. The school is registered under the Utah Post-Secondary Proprietary School Act.

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