Photography contests around the world

With the growing amount of talented photographers around the world, the passion in every photographer is beaming high as they see the works of fellow photographers. Competition has always been healthy especially in terms of art. Uniqueness is what makes the photographer stand out. Improving themselves by every photo they capture and the experiments they do with their cameras. This has brought millions of amazing photographs and photographers to the world. Apart from the technical aspects the subject in the photograph and the message it conveys is equally important and that makes photography available in the hands of all and it does not require a high end camera to make your photo stand out. There are different types of photography and few expertise in that alone.

Photography is not about what you see but how you see it. Hence your eye is the viewfinder and camera is a tool to show others what you see. To recognize such talents there are competitions conducted all over the world. Most of them are categorized and given a certain topic under which the photographs should fall. Few contest winners are chosen by the judges – who are expert photographers and also determined by voting by the public.Growing with the technology most of the competitions are now online. Where people can upload their photos in the website dedicated for the contest. It is really hard to sort out and choose a winner among millions wonderful photographs yet the photograph must have something in it to convince the judges orthe people of the world. Few renowned photography contest are:

Nikon photo contest

It was started by the Nikon Corporation in the year 1969. It was started to provide the platform for both amateur and professional photographers all around the world. The pioneers in camera, Nikon believes that it is the vision of photographers and filmmakers who want to convey the stories through their cameras makes this competition growing.

View bug

This was started by two photography buffs by starting photography contest in various categories and giving cash and goodies as prizes. Now they’ve developed to one of the largest photo sharing community with millions of photos, thousands of competitions conducted so far and hundreds of judges.

Canon photography contest

Canon Inc. conducts an annual photography contest, each year with a different title or topic. Their aim is to discover and support the hidden talents and the creative minds who change the photographic society. There is no entry fee and anyone above the age of 16 can participate. They also accept post-processed photos both colour and monochrome.

National Geographic – Travel photographer

Every year Nat Geo holds a competition to see the best Travel photographer. It has three prize categories. And winners are given to enjoy trips to the places we could never imagine of and expensive camera gadgets.

National geographic Traveler India – Daily shot

Nat Geo Traveller conducts a photo contest everyday known as the Daily Shot. And the theme changes each day. The winnners have the lucky chance to have their winning photos featured in Nat geo Travller India’s homepage and other social network handles. It is an easy process and there’s a winner announced everyday.

Sony world photography awards

The World photography Organisation is an excellent platform as it works with more than 180 countries to connect and celebrate the best photographers of the world. Winners are flown to London and receive their awards. And also the photographs are showcased at the Sony World Photography Awards Exhibition in London, UK.

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