The Influence of Animation in Our Daily Lives

Over the years animation has evolved and improved in extraordinary lengths. It has advanced from hand-drawn animation to using digital software which helped in making more realistic scenes. As time is passing animation is sure to get more advanced and come up with more developed software where it can make it easier to create animation. It takes part in our day-to-day lives, for education, entertainment, and is also used professionally in the business world. Let us discuss the importance and effects of animation in our lives. 

Effects of animation in our day to day life

Three main places where animation is widely used are

  1. Entertainment
  2. Business marketing
  3. Education purposes


Animation has evolved into something tremendous today. The software and technology have crossed limits and gave abilities to artists to create amazing works of art and share stories along with it. Animation plays such a big role in our daily lives as we go out with friends to watch movies, sit at home watching cartoons and playing games on a weekend, or even just trying to make your baby stop crying. Movies, games, and cartoons all include animation. It has become a place where people can sit back enjoy and just escape reality for a bit. Animation has helped in bringing things into life, that are not necessarily a part of this real world. 

Games have improved in graphics immensely. Although, the games of the past had their own charm no one would have imagined what it has become now. Video games are a very popular demand in this generation, from young teenagers to adults, everyone spends a significant amount of time on them. It has become a lavish form of entrainment and continues to grow. The storyline of the game, the animation of the characters can take the player to a new dimension to have fun and expand their imagination. 

The same goes with movies, plenty of fiction movies, cartoons, and kid’s movies use animation. A good percent of people enjoy watching sci-fi movies, they mainly use 3D animation to create creatures and characters to create an atmosphere that only exists on the screen and take you into a new world just using animation! 

Business marketing 

We all know how important marketing is in the business world, everyone wants to promote their brand in the most effective and creative ways to connect with their audience. In this situation, animation has been used to market their brands. Especially in today’s world videos are a big thing. Creating heartfelt short clips has helped them connect with their audience emotionally and build a strong bond with them. 

At many times brands and companies have gone viral because of the way they have portrayed their product or service through animation, therefore driving more people to their business. With that, they can effectively transfer emotion between customers to portray a good image of themselves. Gifs and memes have taken over social media, using these digital agency’s help businesses express themselves to younger audiences and stay on trend gifs use both 2D and 3D animation to create short messages and clips to attract customers whereas memes are mainly 2D animation images with jokes and relatable content that everyone enjoys. We can easily say that animation is everywhere!

Even during business conferences use animated videos and clips to show how their business is moving forward, how their growth has changed, and any improvements they have made in the past year. Using 2D/ 3D animation you can show your data in a fun way that can be easier to understand and attractive to look at. 


Animation has made it easier to learn and understand concepts visually. It is scientifically proven that students are more engaged when watching videos and grasp information quicker. Using animation has made it easier for professors and school teachers to explain tricky concepts and physical demonstrations that can’t be shown physically in real life. For example, in medical school no one would want to see a real dead body to examine its parts, it would be more convenient and safe to use drawings and 3D animations to use as examples. 

Educational cartoons are also a big thing, it has helped many young children to adopt good manners, hobbies and even learned languages through watching it. It is a fun and convenient way of keeping your kids creative and enhance their knowledge. 


Animation may seem like it is just characters and scenes following a story but it has helped deepen the imagination of people and create things never seen before. It is a way of expressing one’s creativity and sharing it with the world. Especially in a time where people were locked at home the main source of entertainment was games and movies, if it were not for animation we would have been bored to death. In addition to that, it has made teaching so much easier where students can now easily find animated demonstrations of the human anatomy, how a plant grows, or a formation of a tsunami. There is almost nothing you can’t accomplish with animation. 

Animation is also a major nostalgic staple in our lives where we bond with each other through movies we watched and games we used to play as children. Classic games like Resident Evil, Legend of Zelda, Silent Hill, and Super Mario Bros, etc were very popular games made with basic 3D/ 2D animation that turned into these winning games. Same with movies where Star Wars killed the game with the amount of attention and love they got from people. These superior vintage games and movies are not even all of them, there are thousands of others from 1971 and onwards, ever since then it keeps getting better. 

Final thoughts

Animation sofware have been updated and made easier to use so that any beginner can work and use then with ease. With new tools and technology, it can be used as easily as changing clothes. Using that we can create more uses, if there are any left, out of animation and peruse life with happiness, creativity, and colors!

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