Top ways to connect better with your graphic designer

One of the few struggles people face while building their brand is working with graphic designers. It can be quite intimidating in the beginning and may feel risky as you are giving full control to a stranger.

However, it is a very smart and practical decision to hire a professional graphic designer,  in the creative business world. Brainstorming with your graphic designer is an important initial step to convey your ideas in the best ways possible and also take in suggestions from the designer, as they have more recognition and experience in their field. Aim to work in harmony therefore get your desired result. 

This all may look tricky, but once you understand the right way to communicate with your graphic designer, your final product can deliver beyond your expectations. Here are some top tips on improving your collaboration skills with your graphic designer:

Understand and recognize what you want

Although designers are trained and experienced in creating conceptual arts and layouts for various types of brands, you should know what you expect to see. If you do not know what you want, how will they? Look around for visual inspirations you would like as a part of your project and share them with your graphic designer. With that, they will get a better perspective of what you would like to see and create visions that are closer to yours. With examples ready and a clear brief, you can save yourself time and prevent fixing up too many things in order to match your expectations and get the final project on time. No matter how professional or experienced the graphic designer is they cannot get too close to your expected vision of the final product without a good description of what you want to see.

Nevertheless, if you choose to skip this step, the graphic designer would still be able to create something out of their own creative thoughts but they will not be able to create anything that would completely satisfy you and give you something you did not envision. 

Agree on deadlines and be flexible 

We all know time plays a big role in many places if not all. We always need time to practice, improve and perfect our work. The same goes with graphic designers, the more time they spend on your project the more accurate they will be with their outcome and meet your goals. When working with a graphic designer you need to make sure you mutually agree on the deadline and the designer is comfortable with working on your project within the given time. Animation studio Singapore Depending on your project brief and how detailed it is, the time needed to complete the project can vary. Be patient with them and answer questions they ask. 

It is rare to see graphic designers perform perfectly in a short period, they tend to leave out details because they do not get to work on them. With less time given they will make a quick design just for the sake of it and try to meet the deadline. When working on a new project, involve a graphic designer as soon as possible so they get as much time they can get before the deadline to get the work done. Work done at the last moment never goes as planned.

 In case you still run out of time and need a graphic designer to work for you within less time, the rest of the mentioned tips can still help you get a good outcome. 

Be precise with your feedback 

When your graphic designer is done with a section or the whole of your project they come to you for feedback. They want to know whether or not you are happy with what they have made and if you need to make any changes. Now, there is nothing wrong with fixing and giving constructive criticism to graphic designers in order to perfect their work. However, it can get annoying if you do not specify your problems. For example, a common phrase used by clients is “looks good, but can you make it pop?”. Initially, people think they are giving a solution when they say it but it is not helpful to the designer at all. 

In this situation, it is best if you tell them exactly what you want to be fixed. Whether you need to add anything, move things around, or just change colors. Be precise about what you need. Communicate and tell them what is not working for you and build a better connection with them. This way they can also get a deeper understanding of what you want. 

Trust, trust, trust!

Trust is a major part of your relationship with your graphic designer. You want to have full faith in the designer that they will create something amazing. Still, be prepared to face obstacles and do not expect to see the best result in one try. Do not be scared of asking questions about your brand and if you are taking the right approach. Graphic designers tend to have a good knowledge of what is in the market these days and can help you somehow. With that, they can use their experience and professionalism to turn the idea into something spectacular. Trust them with their instincts they have been in this field for a good long time and have a better knowledge of what is on the market and what is not. 

Final thoughts 

Going through all these steps may get overwhelming but working with a professional graphic designer and brainstorming with them can make your project turn out just the way you wanted or even better. This can help you build your brand even further and make it all worthwhile. Just remember the main thing that will guide them to the perfect result is your motivation and hard work in explaining to them what you need. Be wise about who you chose to work with, some are new to the market and some may not be a suitable match for you. Good luck!

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