Animation is a lot of hard work doing all those drawing and positions. It’s a process of creating something that is unique, which has never been done before is endlessly fascinating. It always been trying to make the pictures move, the idea of animation is older than movies or television. Animation is all around us like TV commercials, music, movies or even videos. There are many types of animation where there are many methods to develop the animation.


  • Traditional Animation
  • Clay Animation
  • Puppet Animation
  • Stop-Motion Animation
  • 2D Animation
  • 3D Animation
    1. Traditional Animation

Traditional Animation is also known as classical animation or cel animation or hand drawn animation. It is a process where each frame is drawn by hand. This technique has been very dominant until computer animations emerge. In the traditional animation process, animators will begin by drawing sequences of animation on transparent sheet called Acetate sheet in one picture or “frame” at a time. The key animator or lead animator draws a key poses in an action with the help of layout as a reference. The drawings are photographed /scanned and synced with the soundtracks. This allows the animation to be reviewed before giving work to the assistant animator or in-betweener who adds details to the remaining frames.

 2.Clay Animation

Clay animation is also called as claymation, where the pieces of clay are moulded to create the characters. This is purely based on the imagination of the animator. The clays are available in oil as well as water based. Sometimes the clay is moulded into free forms or filled up in a wire like structure called armature. The characters are kept in a set and with only short moves which creates the scene.

Instead of objects, animation is used to create with the puppets. Puppet animation is mostly used in children’s cartoons and films now a day. The film King Kong(1993), The Nightmare before Christmas(1993) are some of the examples of stop motion films using puppets. To create puppet animation, more than hundreds of puppets have been used to represent the characters in the film. Animators capture the every single action or expression for every possible emotion. The film The Humpty Dumpty Circus (1908) created by J.StuartBlackton and Albert smith is the first stop motion puppet animation film.

Stop motion animation is an animation technique which physically manipulates an object so that it appears to move on its own. The object is moved in very small increments between individually photographed frames which creates the illusion of movement when the series of frames is played under a succession of frames. Stop motion also uses figures or models for animation characters. It is also called as object animation.

Creating animation in 2Dimensional space (height and width) with the help of digital technologies is known as digital 2D animation. Instead of creating models, animators need to draw the frames. Using 2D software or application, animators can limit the number of drawings used, which makes them easier to create digital 2D animations.

6. 3D Animation

3D animation is a process of creating animation in 3Dimensional space or environment. 3D animation is a kind of making the unreal characters in to a realistic one. Digital 3D animation characters are faster to create and it’s quite popular in the movie making industry. Using computer software, 3D animated images are used to create many short films, full length movies and TV commercials. Comparing to 2D animation characters, 3D animation characters are very realistic and appealing.

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