Why Does Your Business Need a Product Video?

Video is a promising way to instantly increase your sales, launch a new product in the market, connect with your customers, and do everything that brings high return on investment. Take YouTube for an example, many people have made their careers out of this video production industry and are earning millions of dollars by simply uploading videos doing random stuff on the internet. From fixing a light bulb to making a peanut butter jelly sandwich, the internet is full of videos that people watch regularly on various subjects.

Whether or not video production will benefit your business is not a question anymore, because it is quite evident that it certainly will. 

In this post, Artzee explains the top reasons why your business [small, medium, or large] needs to hire a video production agency and start producing product videos immediately. 

Top Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Product Video

That said, here are all the reasons why your business needs a product video: 

  1. Positive Audience Engagement

We instantly like what we can see. Picturing a product in front of your eyes, regular people interacting with a product, and a real life image of the product via videos can engage your audience in a positive manner. There is no alternative to visual information in this world.

Furthermore, uploading videos on social media handles, websites, or YouTube channels can also benefit your brand as your audience or customers can access it anytime they want. They can share this information on different platforms, download it, spread it, and comment on it. This is all known as positive audience engagement because it makes you more open as a brand. 

  1. Increases Revenue and Shoots Sales 

Video production is a great tool for businesses in Singapore who have just entered the market and want to skyrocket their sales. It is a great opportunity for small businesses to start giving tough times to their competitors and get known in the market in a small span of time. According to research, businesses who use video can grow faster than businesses that do not. The growth percentage can go up to 40 percent. 

Furthermore, videos can help your audience understand the product better. So, many experts say that it is a tactful way to bring customers onboard quickly. Explainer videos can help a lot in this matter. 

  1. Enhances Audience Trust & Credibility

Having a video produced by experts can increase your brand’s credibility and enhance audience’s trust by manifolds. You need to hire an agency that can provide you with a video production strategy and help you execute it on your website, social media channel, or YouTube channel. If you want to see your brand growing, it is a great way to invite them and keep them engaged. A great number of online shoppers have recorded that brand videos such as explainer videos can give them more confidence in shopping, especially online shopping. 

  1. Boosts Website Traffic & Ranking 

If you own an online business or your revenue comprises digital sales, then you need to maintain a good ranking in the search engines. 

There’s no better way to do it than making relevant content in the shape of product videos. With a website that has product videos or corporate videos, you’re more likely to show up on top results of Google and other search engines. 

  1. Makes You a User-Friendly Platform

Product videos can reflect highly on what you think of your customers, how you value their time, and make things simpler for them. Not everyone has the time to read long procedures on your website, people prefer watching videos with solid examples that can help them navigate around. 

Plus, video content is easily shareable, so you can get more customers onboard when your clients are sharing your content.

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