Sompo – A Sompo Insurance Saga

3D Animation, Live Action, Video

Client Brief

Tilt agency’s exciting proposal to us was to come up with a Live Action 3D Animation Video promoting Sampo Insurance. This time with an interesting theme of the battle between Sompony and The dreaded Trauagon. We also had hands on deck experience creating Mascot Designs, Creating the actual Mascots, Live 3D Animation Video and Posters on both the characters.

“Sompo” in the company’s name means “general insurance” in Japanese. Sompo Insurance offers a range of financial services including life insurance, Travel Insurances , securities, asset management and venture capital businesses. The plot of the battle : Jerry’s Japan holiday takes a turn for the worse when his trip to the Sakura Garden gets rudely interrupted. The disturbance is a big one – and it’s roaring, stomping mad! Jerry knows just the pony to deal with the situation, but will he show up on time before Jerry’s perfect getaway gets trampled on?

We Delivered

  • A 2 Min 17 Secs Live Action, 3D Animated Video.
  • Sompony and The dreaded Trauagon Mascot Designs.
  • Sompony and The dreaded Trauagon Mascots.
  • Poster Designs – A Sompo Insurance Saga’.



  • Client : Sampo Insurance
  • Agency : TILT Advertising Agency
  • Production House : Artzee Animation
  • Production Crew : Crystal, Vasant, Azar, Darryl, Wen Zheng, Gautam, Thoufic, Popit
  • Talents : Shaun Ling

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