CompassGroup – Chef Awards Highlights

2D Animation, Video

Client Brief

 We had a unique opportunity to work with Compass Group, to create a captivating live video that will showcase the highlights of the Compass Group Chef Awards during Chef Appreciation Week. This project is designed to celebrate the culinary talent and dedication of Compass Group’s chefs and provide an engaging platform for recognizing their outstanding achievements.

Compass Group serves a diverse range of clients, including businesses, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, sports and entertainment venues, and various other organizations.

We delivered

A 47 Secs in  Live Video highlights.


  • Client : Compass Group 
  • Agency : Compass Group 
  • Production House : Artzee Animation
  • Production Crew : Gautham, Aswin, Shi Wei, Thoufic, Azar, Neesha, Aameena

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