Malay Heritage Centre – Stickers

emojibest com Time to Celebrate
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emojibest com Selamat Hari Raya
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Graphic Design, Posters

Client Brief

We had a collaboration with the Malay Heritage Centre. We had the privilege of creating a series of captivating stickers that celebrate Hari Raya and various aspects of Malay culture. These stickers have been designed with the intention of enhancing the Centre’s social media presence and engaging the community in a unique and culturally rich way.

The Malay Heritage Centre (MHC) is a cultural institution that serves as a vibrant hub for promoting and preserving the rich heritage of the Malay community.

We delivered

5 Stickers with different contents.


  • Client : MHC
  • Agency : Tilt Advertising
  • Production House : Artzee Animation
  • Production Crew : Thoufic, Jia Jia, Fayme, Mayank

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