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It is our passion to convey messages and ideas through mesmerizing visuals and storyboards. Artzee is a safe haven, located in Singapore, that is home to some of the best animators, illustrators, and artists of all time. Their experience, skills, ideas, and speed have no competition. We have experts in both 2D and 3D animation. We have all you can possibly need at a reasonable price. Artzee has worked with top companies in Singapore (if you check out our works) and has developed a diverse range of experience and ideas to work with any brand, product, or service that comes our way. We have the minds of problem solvers who are eager to assist you and fix any unwanted problems you are or will be facing.

A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words… A Video Can Do Much More!

Our animators are quick to think and creative in every way. We have advanced software and computers to help speed up the process and also bring the best out of your videos. They work with you every step of the way. From making a storyboard to choosing the atmosphere and finalizing with some editing and audio. Animation can be a long process but we sure can surprise you. Our team is trained to make tailor-made animated videos that serve all your business needs. From cute ditsy 2D animation to strong powerful 3D animation.
Animation is an excellent way of capturing the audience’s attention from all ages. We are determined to be the one who could help you through your journey and attract viewers from across the country and boost your business. Our kind-hearted team with the burning passion for seeing your brand grow is the only thing that is left from boosting your business. You can go to any extent in using our services and we will provide.

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What makes us best in the business?


We’ve collaborated with some of the most talented people in the business world. Here are some.

“The video you produced made a lot of noise in a really good way. People keep asking me about who made it. Great job guys and thanks.”
Corporate Video Production Agency | Animation studio Singapore | Artzee September 2022
Keir Veskivali
Founder & CEO of SMARTLY
“Artzee provided a one stop solution for our two event’s pre / post photography / posters and motion graphics works which garnered rave reviews from the audience. Kudos to the team…”
Corporate Video Production Agency | Animation studio Singapore | Artzee September 2022
Md Shafie
Founder - YRM Events
“Vislas Academy Pte Ltd and Vislas Productions Ltd have been loyal clients of Artzee, whom have almost given us a platform based on professionalism and punctuality. With their friendliness, positive mind set and creative skill, they have cemented their preferred vendors for the Vislas team.”
Corporate Video Production Agency | Animation studio Singapore | Artzee September 2022
Founder - Vislas Academy Pte Ltd
“Artzee has been a strategic partner for the branding department of Gates PCM Construction Ltd. By assisting in our designs, graphics and videos for our corporate messages to our clients, they have assisted in the significant growth of the Gates PCM brand name and value over the last three years.”
Corporate Video Production Agency | Animation studio Singapore | Artzee September 2022
Gates PCM Construction Ltd
Understand client’s needs, video of ultra good quality, organized workflow and very responsive in replying client’s feedbacks.
Corporate Video Production Agency | Animation studio Singapore | Artzee September 2022
Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
Corporate Video Production Agency | Animation studio Singapore | Artzee September 2022
Data Clean
I reached out to Artzee Animations for help on a scientific haircare technology to demonstrate the functionality of a couple of our products. From the first impression right through the whole process of the project Azar and the team were professional, very collaborative and patient in response to our needs and always highly responsive. A very positive experience. We are extremely satisfied with the final result – the level of detail and the quality of the animations made were great and we will without hesitation work with Artzee again for future projects.
Corporate Video Production Agency | Animation studio Singapore | Artzee September 2022
Aaron Littlewood
General Manager - Kevin Murphy Asia-Pacific


A video produced by a business/organization for commercial or HR purposes is known as corporate video. Although used to promote a company’s product or service, it has several uses in the corporate sector. They can be a promising tool to raise awareness about your business and target your audience in a unique and engaging manner.  

Besides commercial purposes, many businesses use corporate videos for training, instructional, motivation, introduction, and safety purposes of the employees.

In the world of online marketing and creative advertising, video and graphics are highly in demand by almost every business who wants to grow. Whether you are a real estate builder who wants to attract buyers and investors or running a makeup brand for influencers or celebrities, we are here to broaden your horizons. We work on small, medium, and giant projects that can give a much needed boost to your business and create a significant hike in your sales.

3D animation, motion graphics, and video production demands time, money, effort, and skill which most people do not understand no matter how long they have been in the game. In fact, a high-quality animated video requires the type of attention that not many can provide. To put it simply, a video producer, animator, and designer needs to know a lot of things and he/she should be well-versed in anatomy, physics, and animation principles. On top of that, the artist should also have intense artistic skills to create a real masterpiece. All this experience and study is compensated with different prices in different countries and it also depends upon the length and intensity of a video. 

If you want to know about our charges, you can simply get in touch with us on our contact details and we will come up with something affordable.

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