CompassGroup – Chef’s Appreciation Week 2023


2D Animation, Video Client Brief We collaborated with Compass Group for a captivating project that celebrates the culinary talents and dedication of the Compass Group’s chefs. We produced live video interviews with the esteemed Chef Awardees during Chef Appreciation Week. This project aims to provide a platform for these talented chefs to share their thoughts, […]

Malay Heritage Centre – Stickers

emojibest com Time to Celebrate

Graphic Design, Posters Client Brief We had a collaboration with the Malay Heritage Centre. We had the privilege of creating a series of captivating stickers that celebrate Hari Raya and various aspects of Malay culture. These stickers have been designed with the intention of enhancing the Centre’s social media presence and engaging the community in […]

CompassGroup – Chef Awards Highlights


2D Animation, Video Client Brief We had a unique opportunity to work with Compass Group, to create a captivating live video that will showcase the highlights of the Compass Group Chef Awards during Chef Appreciation Week. This project is designed to celebrate the culinary talent and dedication of Compass Group’s chefs and provide an engaging […]

HCA Hospice Care – Professional Video

03 2D Animation, Video Client Brief We had a chance to work with HCA Hospice Care in the development of a comprehensive 2D animation video. This video is designed to provide professionals in the field of hospice care with a clear and informative guide on their roles and responsibilities. Our goal is to ensure that […]

HCA Hospice Care- CareGiver Video


2D Animation, Video Client Brief We had a partnership with HCA Hospice Care to create a comprehensive 2D animation video designed to guide caregivers on their essential roles and responsibilities in providing care to hospice patients. This project aims to equip caregivers with the knowledge and skills they need to offer compassionate and effective care, […]

Singapore Police Force – Stickers

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Graphic Design, Posters Client Brief We were awarded a unique and prestigious project by the Singapore Police Force. Our task is to create a series of captivating and eye-catching stickers for use on the Singapore Police Force’s official social media platforms. These stickers will serve as a creative and engaging way to connect with the […]

SOS – #OnQuickDial


2D Animation, Video Client Brief TILT Advertising Agency, our client, came to us with a fresh project from Samaritans of Singapore (SOS). To create a 2D animated video to promote SOS’s new and easy hotline. Samaritans of Singapore (SOS) is committed to provide private emotional assistance to people going through a crisis, considering suicide, or […]

Sompo Insurance – Sompony Posters

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Graphic Design, Posters Client Brief Tilt Agency approached us to produce a series of Out-Of-Home adverstisement posters for their client Sompo Insurance. Being in the advertising industry for such a long time, they knew exactly how to bring out a fun and engaging campaign for the brand. Tilt’s team provided much inputs during the production […]

Sony – Single Sound Bar Product Advertising


3D Animated, Video Client Brief Crush Media Network approached us for a Sony Sound Bar Product Marketing 3D Animated video. Sony Single Sound Bar makes you experience cinematic, 3Dimensional surround sound with this 2.1 channel Dolby Atmos® and DTS:X® sound bar featuring built-in subwoofers for deep bass sound and a slim, elegant design that fits […]

Sompo – A Sompo Insurance Saga


3D Animation, Live Action, Video Client Brief Tilt agency’s exciting proposal to us was to come up with a Live Action 3D Animation Video promoting Sampo Insurance. This time with an interesting theme of the battle between Sompony and The dreaded Trauagon. We also had hands on deck experience creating Mascot Designs, Creating the actual […]