Best Software’s For Video Editing

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There is no question that video production has become a ubiquitous aspect of communication, communication design, and the ever-increasing need to make content more accessible. Today’s modern audience expects rich, high-quality video on any device – whether laptop computer, mobile phone, or tablet. Knowing the different software packages out there for video production is an […]



ONLINE PHOTOGRAPHY CLASSES AND TUTORIALS Millions of cameras are sold each year and the number of users has increased ever since. Most of them are passionate but amateurs. In the growing era of technology everything is available at the click of a button. The internet is an ocean of knowledge; you can find anything and […]


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Composition in Photography: Tips and Tricks “Composition” is a very wide term encompassing various fields of art. It is just not restricted to literature, music, visual arts such as photography but much more. Composition can be defined as the art of putting together the visual design elements such as pattern, texture, colour, shape, form, line […]

Why Does Your Business Need a Product Video?

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Video is a promising way to instantly increase your sales, launch a new product in the market, connect with your customers, and do everything that brings high return on investment. Take YouTube for an example, many people have made their careers out of this video production industry and are earning millions of dollars by simply […]

How to Start a Video Production Agency in Singapore

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You may hear this often, and you may feel that it is absurd and irrelevant like hearing that drinking water will fix everything. Just like water, having the drive and enthusiasm for the job is in fact a very integral part of being able to start up a video production agency. It is important that […]

The Difference Between Motion Design and Animation

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‘What is the difference between motion design and animation’ is probably one of the most popular questions asked from digital artists and from people running video production agencies. Even though they are quite different, they have a few similarities too.  For example, the similarity between both of them is that motion graphics and animations are […]

The Influence of Animation in Our Daily Lives

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Over the years animation has evolved and improved in extraordinary lengths. It has advanced from hand-drawn animation to using digital software which helped in making more realistic scenes. As time is passing animation is sure to get more advanced and come up with more developed software where it can make it easier to create animation. […]

Top ways to connect better with your graphic designer

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One of the few struggles people face while building their brand is working with graphic designers. It can be quite intimidating in the beginning and may feel risky as you are giving full control to a stranger. However, it is a very smart and practical decision to hire a professional graphic designer,  in the creative […]

How to Become a Pro at Graphic Designing?

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In today’s day and age, graphic designers are highly in demand as things have moved into the digital world. Graphic designers are specialized in creating attractive and innovative layouts, presentations, and conceptual arts, etc. There is a lot of competition these days as it gets more and more recognized by the days and businesses are […]

How to get recognition as a graphic designer?

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No matter how much of a beginner or professional you are in your creative career, you will always have to create a killer portfolio to attract new clients and get people to notice your work. Whether you want to get a job in a company or work as a freelancer they both require a presentable […]