How to better support your clients?

When running an agency it is important to be good at what you provide and have the ability to supply your clients with good service. However, it is more important to keep a good relationship with your clients and build their trust. Keeping good terms will help you keep long-term clients, having their trust and keeping them comfortable is more important so do not trade their comfort for professionalism.

Tips on being a better support to your clients

Here are some helpful tips on how to keep a good understanding with your client and not make you seem like a selfish agency:

User-friendly website

Your website is equivalent to their first impression of your company so you need to make sure your website is accessible and easy to navigate. This applies to all social media you decide to make for your business. It needs to be personal and friendly. When people decide to post their experience with you, join in on the conversation and thank them for the support. This makes customers feel special and give you more exposure. But make sure to be kind and gentle and not interact with those who don’t mean well, keep a positive environment where your customers would love to be around.

Practiced employees

Your staff is crucial for a good client relationship. You need to make sure your customer service isn’t just good but so great that clients would be happy to work with you. It is also great to work with familiar faces so you need to make sure that your turnover rate is inconsequential. To do this you must make sure your employees are happy under their supervisor and the supervisor is happy with you so they will stick around. Along with that, you need to make sure your staff is just as interested in the product as the client. Your employees need to be patient and kind to all clients and consumers so they will be pleased to work with you again. Make sure your staff isn’t too inexperienced that they can’t handle fragile situations but also not so experienced they start to become arrogant. Most customers say that the key to good customer service is talking politely. The main complaints customers usually have is that they didn’t feel heard or the staff didn’t take the time to understand their needs so they felt disrespected. This needs to be avoided by making sure your staff is patient and kind with all customers.

Know your competition

This may seem irrelevant to supporting your clients but you should always be mindful of your competition. Your clients can leave just as quickly as they signed with you. You need to know what your competition offers so that you know what to do if your client decides another company has better offers for them. You need to be able to say you are offering the best to your clients so they know that you are thankful for their support and will do your hardest to give them the best.

Build client relationship

With a good client relationship, it is almost guaranteed that the client will come back to you next time they need your provided services. Make sure to contact your clients on big days and make them feel special. With this kind of relationship, clients will want to support you and ask for you when they need anything. This gives you an edge against competitors since your consumers will have created a relationship with you. This means you not only need to create a relationship with regular consumers but also people who haven’t heard about your company yet by providing external workshops or mentorships. To make sure you do not lose a big client you need to make sure that the information is going both ways. You need to know your client’s immediate concerns and they need to be informed of all that is possible that you can do for them.

Be inclusive

This means you need to be able to accommodate customers of all types. This also creates a good customer relationship when a disabled person is accommodated as they should they will feel good that you thought of them and their disability. This also provides good coverage as people will see how generous you are and will want to support you. You can host charity events once in a while so people feel good supporting your cause.

Look for expertise

Having an expert in your hands can be the most important thing separating your business from others. Someone who has deep knowledge of your product or services is important for when new clients who may not know of the market can be guided correctly. This also helps with client relationships as they will see that your company is trustworthy and knowledgeable and will refer others to your business knowing they are in good hands.

Long waiting line

Many customers do not have the time to wait or have the patience for it either. It’s frustrating standing in a line or being kept on hold when you just need something done. It is proven that after a few minutes on hold many customers cut the call and a portion of them don’t bother to call back either. This will impact your brand image and you will look uncaring and untrustworthy. You need to make sure your response time is not long as that would be tiring and customers value quick responses as it makes them feel cared for. This also includes knowing where most of your consumers usually are so you can keep an eye out for complaints by reporting them to the right person. 

Final thoughts

Nevertheless, whatever you dream of pursuing, having good communication skills, knowing when to say and do what, and knowing your ways around the client is a very important skill set. Make sure you help your client in every way possible and make them feel like they made the right decision to work with you.

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