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Kai Bai Bo is an Unreal Engine project.
It is a captivating and visually stunning experience set in a bustling deco punk world, where the project blends elements of advanced technology with the essence of human connection. The narrative follows the journey of a lost and vulnerable girl, ‘Little Bird,’ as she navigates through the vibrant chaos of Retina City.”

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The Story

 In the heart of a bustling deco punk world, Retina City, advanced teleportation portals have revolutionized travel, making it faster and more efficient than ever before. Amidst this technological marvel, we meet “Little Bird,” a young girl donning a tattered jacket. Lost and vulnerable, she embarks on a journey through the city’s vivid and dynamic streets.

Little Bird’s journey is not a solitary one. She carries with her a unique, broken headgear that serves as a connection to “Apollo,” her virtual AI companion. Apollo is a charming digital presence that accompanies her on her explorations through Retina City. Together, they embark on an unforgettable adventure where technology and human connection intertwine in unexpected and mesmerizing ways.

The  Game Changing Gear:

Creating the immersive world of Kai Bai Bo required a fusion of cutting-edge technology and artistic vision. One of the critical components that brought the project to life was the use of motion capture, and a pivotal aspect of that process was the use of the Xsens Body Suit from Movella.

The use of the Xsens Body Suit for motion capture was an essential component of bringing our deco punk world to life. It allowed us to create a character who is not just a collection of pixels, but a representation of emotion, vulnerability, and humanity. Behind the scenes, our model’s performance and the technology she wore were pivotal in ensuring that players would become emotionally invested in the journey of “Little Bird” and her AI companion, Apollo

The making of Kai Bai Bo was a labor of love, involving a diverse team of artists, programmers, designers, and performers. The success of the project relied on the close collabaration and dedication of each team member, all sharing a common goal : to create an unforgettable experience.

What viewers experience as a seamless, captivating adventure in Retina City is the result of countless hours, dedication, and passion poured into crafting a world where technology and human connection intertwine. 

Artzee had the privilege to collaborate with Unreal Engine and Mentors from Unreal Engine to create an experience that transcends the virtual characters on a profound level. 


Stay tuned for more updates about the show.

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