3D Animation , Video

Client Brief

Paradox Advertising Agency came upon us with a proposal to introduce different types of printers Canon has to offer. We had to come up with a 3D Animated Video compromising different 3D characters that was suitable for the types of printer available.

Canon is a world-renowned producer of professional and consumer imaging products. It has also being ranked as Singapore's No.1 Printer Brand in the year 2020 and 2021. With such extensive history, it was indeed an honor to come up with a 3D Animated Video for their products.

We delivered

A 3 Min 3D Animated Video.


  • Client : Canon Inc
  • Agency : Paradox Advertising Agency 
  • Creative Direction & Storyboard : Paradox
  • Production House : Artzee Animation
  • Production Crew : Azar, Vasanth, Thoufic
  • Talents : Kenn Tay, 
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