Join the lovable duo, Sticky the chameleon and Pinch the crab, as they embark on thrilling escapades in their enchanting island home. In this captivating series, Sticky and Pinch will encounter a delightful cast of new characters, each bringing their unique personalities and quirks to the mix. 

Say hello to Sticky, a chameleon with a heart full of wanderlust!  Once a beloved pet, Sticky’s world turned upside down in a shipwreck, setting the stage for a brand new adventure! Now, this charismatic reptile embraces the unknown, navigating the island’s mysteries with an insatiable curiosity. Join Sticky as he befriends the lively crab, Pinch, and together they unlock a realm of excitement and friendship! Get ready for a kaleidoscope of laughter, surprises, and unforgettable memories in Sticky’s vibrant world!

Meet Pinch, The resilient crab with a pinch of adventure in his claws! Shipwreck survivor turned island explorer, Pinch’s journey is filled with endless excitement! From dodging dinner plans to embracing thrilling escapades, this fearless crustacean is ready to seize every moment on this wild island! Join Pinch as he discovers newfound freedom, makes unexpected friends, and dives into uncharted waters of fun!  Follow his captivating journey, because with Pinch, every day is an opportunity for a shell of a good time!

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