Our Process

We Follow Industry Standard Production Pipeline for all our Works. Every step is a Milestone and we have a 6 Steps Process.

Step 1 : The Script

Every Project is unique. So Please complete our questionnaire, providing detailed guidelines for your project. Our team of expert copywriters will then craft a powerful script that effectively conveys your message with precision and impact. Alternatively you can also pass us a Script you would like us to use.

Step 2 : The Storyboard

Our Storyboard artists will craft a storyboard panel by panel. Either drawn or using existing stocks libraries. With our detailed storyboards, you can visualize and refine the storytelling, pacing, and composition before moving on to the animation production phase.

Step 3 : The Voiceover

For the projects that require Voiceover or Narrations, we will be giving you multiple choices of voiceover samples to choose an Artist from. Once finalized, recording will be conducted and Voila! A beautiful sounding voiceover ready.

Step 4 : The Look Development

This is where we start to develop Artworks. For 2D projects it will be Style frames and for 3D projects it will be Asset making and render tests. Anything related to Final Look and feel will be decided here. Colors, Shapes and Sizes Included.

Step 5 : The Animation

Our Characters, Props, Camera and all those static artworks so far will start to move at this stage. There will be Preview versions shared before doing Final Renders. For 3D Projects, we will be sending various Render frames to get approvals for Full video Render.

Step 6 : The Final Mix

Rendered video edited with Music, Sound Effects, Color graded and output a High Quality video according to the requirement.