Here’s How We Can Produce For You An Awesome Video For Your Brand, Product or Services and Attract More Customers And Attention!
  • End to End Video Production
  • Fun and Engaging
  • Will look Trendy for your Product or Services
  • Accurately represent your products
  • Highly effective in Video Explainers
  • Best for Corporate Services and events

Some Popular Use Cases

  • Explainer Videos 
  • Marketing Videos
  • Safety Videos
  • Medical Videos
  • Branding Videos
  • Ads
  • Social Media Posts
  • Corporate Videos
  • Product Launch
  • Service Demonstration
  • Training Videos

Artzee Animation is one of the leading animation studios in Singapore which produces high Quality 2D Animated videos.
We provide various styles of 2d animation services. Realistic to cartoony, we have a wide range of skillsets to meet any requirements you might have.
Our team consists of Storyboard artist, character designer, Riggers and Animators to ensure the entire pipeline is handled with proper workflow.

The Process

1. Brief

Give us your brief, let us build an interesting story!

2. Shoot

Then we come down to shoot the video or event!

3. Delivery

Edited,  a High Quality Live Action Video ready!

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