Starting as a video producer, or any career in general, you need a set of equipment to help you start the right way. When it comes to video production there is a lot you need to know before spending a hefty amount of money on something that may not be useful or just not worth its price. Here are some recommendations for equipment and accessories you may need. You will find these useful as a beginner or to use on your next project.  

Equipment recommendations for video production 

There is no ‘one size fits all’ sort of package. We all have our differences that determine what we are really looking for. For example location, budget, project type, beginner or professional they all play a role in what you need to invest in. For those who have just started with video production here is the basic equipment you need. 

  1. Cameras

A camera is the main thing you need to start working with videos, obviously. According to your budget, you can use any camera, from a DSLR, your phone, or go all out with a high-end digital cinema camera. Whatever you go with, make sure the resolution is the way you want it to be and satisfactory. 

  1. Lighting 

Lighting is really important when working indoors, where you need optimum light even outdoors when it is dark. A 3 point light kit is perfect for getting light in from angles and not a glare from one position unless that is the look you are going for. It creates an optimum well-lit scene which can be accomplished with the 3 point lighting set-up. 

  1. Tripod

Tripods are crucial when working outdoors or where you do not have a steady surface to place your camera on. A tripod with a fluid is even better for pans smoother than butter. 

  1. Light reflector

These can be lifesavers at times. It can turn unattractive boring scenes look golden and pull a gorgeously lit scene.  

  1. Shotgun microphone

To get the perfect audio, having a proper microphone is a must. A shotgun microphone can be attacked on top of the camera or attached to a boom pole.

  1. Shock mount 

To avoid unwanted bumpy sounds when moving around your boom mic, a shock mount is a great steal. They avoid those extra sounds for you. 

  1. Boom pole

A boom pole is used to attach your mic to which will help record audio recording from large groups where you might need to move around a lot. It will make it easier to maneuver. 

  1. Headphones 

These come in handy to listen to the audio while filming so you do not get unwanted surprises in the studio when it is too late. 

Now, with these basics, you can really experiment with them individually and come up with new techniques and combinations that can make the finest difference but change the whole game. 

Tech Gadgets 

For those who are professionals or want to step up your game even further, here are some gadgets that are trendy and exist to help you create the most creative and cinematic scenes. 

  1. Drones 

Drones are insanely popular. They capture scenes that are as awesome as the moments themselves. From capturing city skyscrapers to nature landscapes, high or low, you can get any type of scene you wish with just the right controls. 

  1. GoPro’s 

These little things are so powerful and allow users to capture several different types of scenes in one gadget. You can get super slow-motion videos while you are moving around a scene. You can stream in 720p with smooth stabilization. The majority of them are waterproof so they are perfect for underwater filming and take your project to a new level.

  1. Jib crane 

Jib cranes are used with a camera attached to them to enable easy panorama scenes with no shakiness and give full control to you for maneuvering it around. With that, you get a high resolution, smooth and professional shot.

  1. Gimbal stabilizer 

To capture more professional scenes on your phone or a regular camera a gimbal stabilizer is a gift from heaven. You can single-handedly shoot smooth scenes. The best part about it is that it can be portable and attaches any type of gadget you wish and takes seconds to assemble. This way you can go on adventures and take it with you to catch those moments that can be impossible with all the bulky equipment.

If you do not have this equipment with you that does not mean you are unlikely to make good content. It all comes down to you and your creativity. You could make something bigger and better with just a phone and your creative brain than someone who has all the cool gadgets but an empty mind. Always try to get those things that you need and know that they will benefit you. Something might not even be something you need. Many producers barely record their own audio and use music instead, to them buying a microphone is basically useless. 

Editing skills

As important as filming is knowing how to compile them and turn singular shots into one story, is a whole new talent. It is crucial for you to know how to create a catchy storyboard using all your scenes and make them look presentable. Avoid scenes that transition too fast and scenes that are too long and stretched. It can make your audience bored or give them a headache with all the fast-changing scenes. 

Remember to keep your client’s audience in your mind and what they would enjoy and be attracted to. According to that you shoot your scenes and edit them to their liking. As a beginner, you will find it tricky in your first few projects to meet the client goals and audience attention. However, it is not rocket science, all you need is a little understanding and experience. Sometimes even professionals struggle with new clients and projects they might have never worked with before. It is all part of the process.

So, set your imagination free and create the content you and your client deserve in your own special ways!

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